We have qualified expertise in the following fields:

  • Strategy work
  • Investigations
  • Evidence securing
  • Forensic analysis
  • Legal procedures
  • Information outreach
  • Legal support

Strategy work

A new project usually starts with a mapping (an assessment) of the infringements and how they are structured. The finding is analyzed and a strategic proposal is outlined. When it comes to organized and more complicated crimes different measures are usually combined. It can be introducing a code of conduct, evidence gathering, preventive measures, police complaints and damage procedures.


A major part of our work consists of collecting information. In bigger investigations against organized internet crime it is essential in order to gain knowledge about certain criminal groups.

We work with both public and undercover sources. All information is evaluated in order to analyze the extent and structure of the crime. In some cases we use physical sources, individuals that have important information about the activities of closed criminal groups. Normally such information is handed over to the law enforcement agencies.

It is of highest importance that our sources can provide information in confidentiality and that they are protected. For that reason we have developed specific methods and secure routines.

We have an established cooperation with other European organizations with which we have managed a number of projects outside Sweden.

Evidence gathering

In a crime situation we will conduct qualified evidence securing. If the crime is internet related the digital evidence will be saved according to predefined methods. We use a specific technique and work with specific methods that ensure high standards of proper evidence gathering. All digital cases are recorded and if demanded, can be played for both the court and our clients. The person who has conducted the evidence package can also give testimony in court about the process and the details in each specific case.

Legal actions

Criminal Procedures
We have a long and extensive experience of putting forward criminal complaints. It is our experience that a well prepared complaint combined with a secure evidence package improves the chance for the complaint not being dismissed. When there is a question of digital crimes we use special methods in order to document the evidence as securely as possible. During court procedures our experienced coworkers are able to be present and support the case next to the prosecutor.

Civil Procedures
The Rights Alliance can also assist with civil claims such as damages and injunctions. We have conducted many cases and have been able to build new case law.

Information outreach

In many situations information about the legal situation may be the best way to cease an infringement.

We work preventative by informing the general public about the risks and ways to prevent and preclude internet crime. Information outreach towards the perpretator, that many times perceive themselves as being anonymous, is also an effective way to stop the crime.

Legal support

We work on a broad base against illegal commerce. It can be through trade agreements, code of conducts, and policy documents.

Our services also include a variety of other legal assignments such as legal opinions, responding to committee reports and in other contexts assist with legal knowledge.

About us

Against illegal commerce

Rights Alliance works mainly against different forms of internet crime. Mainly we use preventive measures. In some cases this is not enough, we then have the competence to move forward with legal claims. We will give you an overall strategy to act effectively against infringements. Different measures are often needed to achieve certain results.

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